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Arcade Mode - Awards

By Industrian Staff // August 11th, 2019

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Arcade Mode - Awards

Learn about Arcade Awards in Altorius.

Arcade Awards are actions that you can perform during gameplay.

You score points by performing these actions.

You also gain medals by earning a certain number of Arcade Awards.

Arcade Award Name Action to perform Points per award
One More Game? Play Arcade mode 50
Combo Beginner Quickly kill 5 enemies 10
Combo Master Quickly kill 10 enemies 20
Combo Commander Quickly kill 15 enemies 30
Combo King Quickly kill 20 enemies 50
Untouchable Kill enemies while at full health 5
Death Support Kill enemies while at critical health 10
Undermined Kill enemies with triggered mines 10
The Bitter End Kill an enemy and yourself with a collision 50
On The Run Move around the map 1
Cannonner Kill an enemy with the Cannon 2
Spray & Pray Kill an enemy with the fully-upgraded Cannon 3
Laser Tag Kill an enemy with the Laser 2
Phaserblast Kill an enemy with the fully-upgraded Laser 3
Bounced Kill an enemy with the Bounce 2
Richochet Kill an enemy with a rebounded Bounce bullet 3
Blast Off! Kill an enemy with a Rocket 2
Blastwave Kill an enemy with a Rocket's blast wave 3
Shields Up! Use a Shield 3
Lifesaver Absorb damage with a Shield 1
Mass Destruction Kill an enemy with a Bomb 3
Sweep & Clear Remove an enemy bullet with a Bomb 1
Engage! Use a Boost 3
Speed Kills Kill an enemy while Boosted 1
Phased & Confused Hit multiple enemies with a phased bullet 3
The Next Phase Kill multiple enemies with a phased bullet 5
Tracked Down Kill a Tracker 5
Rigged to Blow Kill an Ultra Tracker 10
Shot Down Kill a Shooter 6
Shieldbreaker Kill an Ultra Shooter 15
Spread Out Kill a Spreader 7
Wound Up Kill an Ultra Spreader 15
Defragged Kill a Fragmenter 8
Rest in Pieces Kill an Ultra Fragmenter 20
Coal Mine Kill a Miner 9
Gold Mine Kill an Ultra Miner 20
Denied Kill a Denier 10
Firefighter Kill an Ultra Denier 20
Spun Out Kill an Attracter 8
Recycled Kill an Ultra Attracter 15
Hunter-Killer Kill a Hunter 15
Apex Predator Kill an Ultra Hunter 30

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